Today was our only full day in Lucerne and the first day of our trip where we truly felt accustomed to the time zone. After an early breakfast, we were met at our hotel by our private guide, Rebecca. She walked us through the Old Town and shared the history of Lucerne from as early as 1291 and how it was an important trade city between Italy and Germany 150 years ago.


Rebecca shared other facts and a few stories along the way. We learned there are 247 fountains in the city with pure spring water (we even enjoyed a taste!) and that the lock tower rings one minute before all the other clocks, as if to give permission.


Rebecca ended our walking tour at the boat dock, were we boarded for a three-hour ride to Brunner for a visit to Swiss Knife Valley, where we learned the history of Victorinox and were each able to assemble our own Swiss Army Knife! It was very interesting to use the machinery and follow the pre-set assembly steps. Each knife had 8 standard tools. We were then able to customize with either a corkscrew or Phillip’s head screwdriver. Brunner was a very quiet town, off the beaten track, and provided the opportunity to experience another side of Switzerland.


We returned by train, which took only an hour. Our last evening in Lucerne was very relaxing and enjoyable. We started with wine in the lobby and ended with a delicious dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant. This vacation was off to a very nice start!