Arrival Day

We were out of the country on 9/11, traveling by air. As I thought of those that lost their lives, the families who lost their loved ones, and the first responders, the significance of the day weighed on my heart.  I will never forget.


As we made our way to Prague, we connected through Frankfurt.  This airport is huge!  I was so glad we had a two hour layover, this would not be a good airport for a tight connection!  We made our way to Lufthansa's business class lounge.  Wow, so many people, it took quite a while for two seats to open up.  A new lounge is being built to alleviate the over-crowding and is scheduled to open in October.  Frankfurt airport is very clean and has great shopping!  My favorite? The caviar store!  


It was time to board for our 45 minute flight to Prague. After flying to Frankfurt on a 747, the A320 felt like a sardine can. Thankfully it was a short flight, and we landed in Prague safely.


Our arrival in Prague was smooth, quick and easy.  Our driver was waiting to transfer us to our hotel.  The weather is cool, cloudy and grey.  Perfect touring weather (IMO)!  It's always strange to be in a country with a different language, simply guessing what signs say.  Intuition goes into high gear.


We checked into our hotel the Mamaison Pachtuv Palace - a beautiful, classic property.  Then we went for a tasty late-night dinner that took way too long for our over-tired souls.  

Tomorrow we begin our adventures!