Zurich to Lucerne

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Our first official vacation day began with a delicious hotel breakfast and a nice walk by Lake Zurich, both signifying the freedom to indulge in enjoying each moment in time at a relaxing pace.


At this point, we were a group of eight that would spend the next couple days together in Lucerne. Our drive from Zurich to Lucerne went by quickly. We stopped at the special Lion Monument before checking into our next hotel, The Schweizerhof. This historic property had some unique contrasts. The entrance was classic, however the rooms seemed quite modern. The rooms were spacious, however the shower was extremely small. Comfortable enough for just a two-night stay.


After lunch we enjoyed a private experience at a chocolate factory. There were two things that made this experience particularly unique. The first is how the shop is run. The store owner's son, Max, has Down Syndrome and the owners have chosen to operate the store as if Max is the boss with everything including the name: Max Chocolatier. The second unique aspect was the opportunity to make our own personal chocolate bars. We had the choice between dark or light chocolate along with toppings. I went with dark chocolate and topped my bar with cocoa nibs and salt. So fun and delicious!

The remainder of the day included strolling through a street carnival, snacking on roasted chestnuts (my favorite!), cocktails at a rooftop bar filled with locals, and dinner. It was a nice day of exploring, followed by beautiful nighttime views!