Departure Day

Our trip began with an evening flight from LAX. We relaxed in an uncrowded British Airways lounge before departure. Our first flight was a long-haul to London Heathrow on a 787 Dreamliner. I had previously flown the Dreamliner in Business Class on United and American and found British Airways’ version to have less storage space and less privacy.


The seats alternated facing forwards and backwards, and if you had a window seat, which I initially selected, you would need to climb over the legs of the passenger in the row behind if they were lying flat in order to use the restroom. There were two seats on each side of the plane, and three seats in the center. I moved to an open aisle seat in the center section, so I flew across from Jeff and was not facing backwards. Due to the layout of the seats, screens had to be put away during take off and landing. We had an on-time departure and our cabin crew provided excellent service as we traveled through the night.