Alaska Cruise, Part 2

Off To Alaska - Our Day At Sea:

Our first full day onboard was a sea day, spent sailing through the Inside Passage.  When I woke that morning, it took me a brief moment to realize I was in my suite rather that in my own bed at home. I couldn't believe the sea was so smooth!  Excited for the day to begin, I immediately stepped out on my Veranda to view the beautiful scenery, something I continued to do first thing each and every morning of the cruise.

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We met our friends for breakfast on the ship's aft, enjoying the delicious spread offered at the Lido buffet.   As we ate, we were viewing the most beautiful blue ocean as our ship made its way through the Passage.  Our morning routine was set and we continued to meet at the Lido to start each day.   No matter where the ship was on any given morning, our view was spectacular!

Crystal offers a variety of activities to fill anyone's day, especially on a day at sea.  One thing in particular that Crystal is known for is their enrichment speaker program, which we enjoyed attending.   The world affairs lecture on this sailing was Roman Popadiuk, the former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, who discussed US relations with both Russia and China.  I enjoyed hearing the Ambassador’s inside perspective about a topic important to our country's current state of affairs.

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After lunch at the Lido, and a check through my emails to see if my clients with current and upcoming trips needed me, we had some fun at the blackjack table.  We really enjoyed the ambiance of the casino with friendly fellow players and dealers who smiled and made easy conversation as they dealt each hand.  One young couple that was particularly fun to play with was from Singapore and they were celebrating their honeymoon.  The 29 & 35 yr. old newlyweds were such a hoot, with infectious enthusiasm for the game, especially when the cards were working in their favor!

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Our butler, Jijo, brought us a nice assortment of hors d'oeuvres each afternoon, to make sure we didn't go hungry (ha!).   Dinner each evening included a relaxing meal and pleasant conversation with old and new friends.  The cuisine was delicious!  After dinner my assistant waiter said "would you like some coffee? I have your almond milk ready”.  After the first night, he already had my preferences pegged!   THIS is the Crystal way!

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Dinner was followed by a fabulous Billy Joel show "This is My Life" and a stop in Pulse nightclub to watch some karaoke.  We watched several passengers take the mic, but the most fun was when our friend, Ronn, took the floor and sang the last song of the night.  So much fun!

Join me for Part 3, which will be posted later this week.